Recirculating Aquaculture - Back To Basics Is Palom's Core Belief

Recirculating aquaculture is relatively new. Over the last century peoples have passed down salmon knowledge beginning with North American native indians. The word "palom" means salmon in the local language of the Passamaquoddy Indian Tribe. Over the last fifty years with commercial farming spreading from Norway throughout the world, farmers have accumulated google bytes of information regarding salmon farming. Palom respects this wealth of knowledge and realizes implementing these knowns is the safest path to sustainability and profitability.

Recirculating Aquaculture - Birds Eye View of Palom Aquaculture's RAS, Cut Out RenderingBird's Eye View of Proposed RAS

Recirculating Aquaculture Allows Us To:

Trust Mother Nature -
We strive to understand the salmon's local environment and duplicate it. Decades of experience in agriculture and aquaculture strengthens our belief that we will not attempt to improve upon "mother nature". As we have observed with other companies, "just because we can engineer it, we should do it."    This is not our belief.

For salmon, a closed containment site with seawater access is important because their health, growth performance and meat quality are much better than in freshwater. Equally important is having the ability to use much more cold seawater than is needed for water quality alone, as it is very useful in eliminating the need for chillers and high electric costs for cooling in summer.  

Remain Profitable -
The time is now to construct recirculating aquaculture in Maine as your company will be in the forefront of sustainably grown salmon in the USA. Demand for our salmon exceeds our abilities to grow it.   Additionally, there are unmet markets for lower value fish offal, blood and waste.

Stay Healthy – 
Health professionals consider salmon a super-food that is high in omega-3 and antioxidants; we will add nothing artificial.  Robust fish health is both ethical and profitable.  

Understand What We Eat - 
Clearly documented farming and processing practices for your farm and those of your suppliers will be open for examination. All parties will be electronically connected.   For both aging Baby Boomers and Millennials authenticity and traceability are necessary.  Meeting the farmers at stores and visiting the farm site strengthens our bond with our customers.

Feel Confident In What We Report - 
Third party agencies, for large US food retailers and government regulators, will audit the farm's records and make them available for review.

Become A Salmon Locavore - 
The location is Gouldsboro Maine USA. All wages and benefits will exceed average local compensation. Shipments will occur within hours of processing.  You can visit the farm.   High paying RAS jobs and ancillary jobs will stabilize the local communities.

Live Sustainably - 
Using common sense aquaculture innovation the farmer will recycle fish by-products into health supplements, pharmaceutical media, natural fish feed and fish fertilizers. Your company will not pollute. No waste - scrap fish will constitute a part of the feed.

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