Palom Aquaculture Pictures

These Palom Aquaculture pictures show the ideal location to build a land-based, saltwater, salmon farm using a recirculating aquaculture system (RAS)

Palom-Aquaculture-10-2022-Aerial-SW-View.jpgLooking south at the proposed hatchery location in Building 85. Driveway to Corea Road is pointing right. Saplings can easily be removed with a skid steer mulcher in a matter of days.
Palom Aquaculture, Land Farmed Salmom Aerial View South WestView southwest to Prospect Harbor. The distance from the outside perimeter of Lot 1 to the high water mark is about 700 feet. This the first of two 30' wide utility easements to the harbor.

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Palom Aquaculture, Land Based Salmon Farming, Topography MapThe proposed park is about 40' higher than the high water mark.
Palom Aquaculture, Gravel Base Lot 3According to former Navy personnel, the site is processed granite varying in depths from 8' to 20'. View is north to Lot 3 from Building 85.
Palom Aquaculture, Proposed Hatchery in Building 85Building 85 is the proposed location for a hatchery and perhaps post-smolt. The walls and floors seem adequate structurally; the roofs need replacing.

Palom Aquaculture Pictures - Relative Sizes and Buildings

Palom Aquaculture, Land Based Salmon Farming, Relative sizes to a football field.Relative sizes of proposed hatchery and grow-out facility to an American Football Field.
Palom Aquaculture, Land Based Salmon Farming, Footprint of grow-out facility in red on lot 3.Aerial view of the red footprint of the proposed grow-out facility on Lot 1. Center building is the proposed location of the hatchery. The circle diameter is about 1,300 feet.
Palom Aquaculture, Land Farmed Salmon, Prospect Harbor Seafloor DepthsThe inlet pipe would rest on the sea floor about 55' in depth. The outlet pipe would rest on the seafloor about 45' in depth.
Palom Aquaculture, Land Farmed Salmon, Proposed RD BuildingThis is the proposed office, R&D, and housing for the farm. The buildings total about 45,000 sq. ft. The Walls and floor are sound, but the roof needs replacement. We suggest the first solar array be placed on this building.
Palom Aquaculture, Perimeter DrainThis curtain drain runs along the circumference of the north half of the lower farm circle.

Animated Videos of Buildings and Land

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