Aquaculture Innovation - By Palom 

Aquaculture Innovation – Palom’s source of inspiration is mother nature.  Using RAS, Palom will sustainably produce great tasting salmon, pure fish protein and ethically harvested blood serum.  RAS enables us to fulfill unmet needs in the organic, biomedical and specialty food markets: 

  • Organic Retailers cannot find local, sustainably grown salmon
  • Biomedical companies are searching for a growth media alternative to Fetal Bovine Serum
  • Consumers with chronic digestive conditions, cannot find sustainably prepared, easily digestible, protein meals.
Aquaculture Innovation - Sustainable Salmon Meat, Easily Digestible Protein, Vaccines, Growth Media and FertilizerPalom Aquaculture Innovation - Thinking Differently

Palom Learned Organic Fish Retailers and their Consumers: 

  • Cannot find great tasting, locally grown salmon
  • Lack an easy way to verify local, sustainability claims 
  • Cannot drill down to learn “who grows my salmon, and how is it grown?”
  • Are not able to visit fish farms
  • Prefer American made, with workers earning substantial wages
  • Cannot corroborate third party authentication of sustainability claims
  • Prefer farmers that minimally impact local environments

Palom Found that Biomedical Companies and their Pharmaceutical Customers: 

  • Need a local, land-based, pure sustainably grown salmon to harvest blood, by hand, in a calm, bio-secure facility like Palom’s RAS
  • Are desperately searching for an alternative to the use of the controversial growth media Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS)
  • Require a predictable American supply and cost of growth media
  • Need positive Optics and not be the “whipping boy.”
  • Need a pure source of blood which requires less purification and processing

RAS Aquaculture Innovation Identified Food Processors and their Consumers with Chronic Digestive Problems: 

  • Have difficulty finding organic sources of scrap meat and offal to make specialty food
  • Cannot locate great tasting, gourmet prepared, easily digestible protein sources 
  • Are unable to purchase organic, gluten free, or specialized vegan foods
  • Cannot buy individual portions of diet-specific food
  • Must trade off flavor for bland foods with specific nutrition requirements

Palom's RAS Assures Organic Fish Retailers and their Consumers: 

  • Will enjoy the fresh taste of Palom’s Non-GMO salmon, as they are grown in cold seawater and fed a natural diet suited for a carnivore. Palom will not experiment with fresh or brackish water or a vegetarian diet.
  • Can verify that Americans at the farm will earn healthy wages far exceeding the local average
  • Will feel confident that that RAS automation will check all growing variables for easy changes and reporting
  • Will learn that they and Government Agencies will routinely audit the farm and its records
  • Understand that RAS automation allows them deeper looks into the future regarding slaughter schedules
  • Will confirm that RAS will meet the highest underwriting requirements for organic labeling in the USA
  • Can verify sustainability in that the small amount of seawater used (2%), returned to the ocean will be cleaner than water entering. Palom will recycle solid wastes into organic fertilizers and composts

RAS Aquaculture Innovation Insures Biomedical Companies and their Pharmaceutical Customers: 

  • Can verify that Salmon serum growth media provides the positive traits of Fetal Bovine Serum
  • Can witness with RAS, each, stunned salmon will be bled my hand, in an enclosed safe, stable environment allowing the ethical withdrawal of blood while protecting the biomedical technician performing the procedure
  • Can depend on RAS automation as they can look into the future regarding blood harvesting schedules allowing for a predictable supply chain
  • Reduce corporate liability as bovine serum can contaminate lab results and worst-case contaminate human drugs with diseases like mad cow disease (BSE, Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy, and Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease)
  • Can enjoy good PR – RAS allows the ethical growing of fish
  • Will have a predictable American supply and cost of growth media
  • Can see that the fish and media are American grown

Closed Containment Aquaculture Innovation Benefits Food Processors and their Consumers with Chronic Digestive Problems Because They:

  • Understand that Master Chefs create great tasting products varied by chronic condition
  • Will enjoy small individual portions, ready to heat and eat
  • Are satisfied with sustainably raised and slaughtered fish, scrap meat, and offal
  • Can see that Americans grow and manufacturer the fish meat, blood, and offal
  • Are confident in the third party verification of RAS fish, and food processors
  • Will enjoy the organic source of salmon protein, many consider the meat a “super food.”
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