Marine Aquaculture - why?

Palom's marine aquaculture is RAS, short for Recirculating Aquaculture System. This website details why and how the partners of Palom Aquaculture LLC can build, and profitably operate, a land-based, organic salmon fish farm in the state of Maine, USA.  Palom is the first and only approved company, to grow North Atlantic Salmon on the coastline in the United States.

maritime aquaculture - Palom AquacultureNorth Atlantic Salmon - Weight 5 kgs, Length 82 cms

Marine Aquaculture - History

Prior to the company's formation in 2010 Palom's partners spent three years testing the organic market by selling salmon in the United States. Geographically we sold salmon from Atlanta Georgia, to Miami Florida to New York City.  We sold to major retailers, distributors and restaurants.  We imported a natural salmon from the Finnmark region of Norway.  

We listened and learned.   Customers loved the natural product and we came to understand that growing a local, sustainable salmon, with full traceability and biosecurity was the key to keeping customers happy and for Palom to build a profitable expanding company.  

Palom has more demand for our salmon than we can produce.

Mission Statement

Palom Aquaculture will sustainably grow a native North Atlantic salmon, with a taste, texture, and price point equal to the best imported, organically raised, salmon. Our company will provide open traceability for:
1) Fish genetics
2) Feed composition
3) Grow-out procedures
4) Processing methods
5) Fish by-products including supplements, growth medium and compost material
5) Environmental safeguards against pathogens and fish escapes.


Palom's partners have direct experience with the construction and operational management of salmon hatcheries and grow-out facilities (farms) throughout Scandinavia.

Additional experience includes successful direct sales and marketing of organic and wild, fresh, perishable foods to retailers including salmon, cod, shrimp, beef, and pork.  Two of the partners also own and manage agriculture farms.

The Partners also have direct regulatory experience moving projects through the approval process.  The company has long-term relationships with trusted outside consultants who have years of success providing clear communication with government licensing and inspection authorities.

Marine aquaculture using RAS is simply a closed farming system on land which protects the fish from the environment and the environment from the fish.  

As we move to complete construction in Maine we look forward to your involvement as neighbors and consumers.  Your time is valuable, thank you for visiting.

It's all about growing healthy North Atlantic Salmon!

Palom Partners

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